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The kitchen is the “heart of the home,” the place where all the guests gather to visit with the cook, so you want to be sure that room stays updated in design, appliances and technology.


Don’t fall into the trap of a fad, because fads have short-lived popularity. Trends build upon an already solid design, but they change to update themselves with the times.

2018 will be about color and convenience, according to Appliances Connection.


  • Smart appliances: Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner waiting for you when you get home? That’s not some pipe dream, because you can now turn on the oven remotely. You can also program the dishwasher to run water when electrical usage is at the lowest, and least expensive, times. You just need an app, Alexa or Nest. For instance, Bosch has an oven that not only lets you turn on and turn off remotely, but also gives you recipes, tips and suggestions. It even turns your phone into a repair kit.

  • A place for everything. Appliance garages, closets and plenty of storage keep coffeemakers, blenders and other small appliances off the counters.

  • Color is now king! For a long time, the all-white kitchen took the top spot, but now we’re seeing dark wood veneers, glossy lacquers, black and stainless steel appliances. “Even if you already have some white appliances, you can mix and match them with black to create contrast,” said Sophie Todd, an Appliances Connection designer, while Ahmed Ahmed, another designer, added: “It’s simple, modern and elegant.”


Purple will be REALLY big in 2018. The Pantone Color Institute, a globally recognized source of color information, named Ultra Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year.


“Historically, there has been a mystical or spiritual quality attached to ultra violet,” says Pantone on its website, continuing: “The color is often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world. The use of purple-toned lighting in meditation spaces and other gathering places energizes the communities that gather there and inspire connection.”

If going purple or ultra-violet is just too much for you, think about maybe a grey or blue with purple undertones. Read More.

Purple is hot for 2018. Photo:  Blue Star

By Irene Ross, The HuffPost



By Irene Ross, The HuffPost

When it comes to vacations, longer may not be better.

That’s what Judy Rosenthal, Ph.D, a Los Angeles-based psychologist says.

We all need to unplug periodically. When we do, we lean into our joy and become more creative and productive. Our problem-solving skills get sharpened, because stress is relieved and we’re a lot less moody—not to mention healthier because the immune system gets a boost.

Short getaways and day trips are inexpensive and practical, especially when you factor in limited budgets and higher cost of living. Transportation expenses will be decreased, since there’s no need to fly and you most likely won’t need lodging. Vacation time might also be limited, and the good news about mini trips is you don’t have to take any time off. 

Since vacation happiness comes in three’s: anticipation, experience, and memories, with the most pleasure coming from anticipation—you’ll be in “the vacation happiness frame of mind” a few times a year. More



By Irene Ross 


While almost anything can cause insomnia, hormonal imbalances are a big reason for sleep disturbance. Hormone imbalances create vicious cycles—often triggered by underlying issues and then circling around to make those very same issues even worse.

"The first thing I always check is the adrenal glands (which produce cortisol, DHEA, and adrenaline)," says New York Tri-State Area doctor of naturopathic medicine Dr. Doni Wilson. More


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