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5 Ways Content Marketers Differ From Copywriters

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Would you be okay if you left billions of dollars of untapped revenue on the table?

Copywriters and content marketers both write, and they both do it well. If you don't know the difference, though, you'll ask the wrong questions and hire the wrong person to increase sales and reach the right audience.

You'll only make yourself visible to a bunch of people who look, but really have no interest in buying.


A real estate developer once wanted me to “write blog posts like an RFP (Request-For-Proposal)" to help sell his building full of high-end lofts.

I explained that blog articles and RFPs are very different, each with their own target audience, objectives and writing styles. Blog posts are conversational, educate and entertain, build trust and gain loyalty. An RFP is factual and, in real estate, are often used to reach other brokers who can help sell a structure by bringing offers to the seller.

"So who, exactly, do you want to reach and what is your end game?"

He just kept repeating that he wanted "blog posts like RFPs."

The SEO was way off, too, with a keyword density that was so high search engines would see it as keyword-stuffed junk copy and ignore it, resulting in diminished visibility and sales.

Of course I didn't accept the offer and months later, there still hadn't been anything sold. We're talking millions of dollars!

Content writers, or more commonly known as content marketers:

1. Have the skills to write in different styles and they understand their reach. Copywriters write mostly for advertisements, product packaging and, sometimes, websites. Content marketers write magazine articles, blogs, product guides, brochures, newsletters, advertorials, white papers, case studies, sales sheets, direct mail and email marketing, as well as scripts for for video, podcasts and infographics.


Simply, it means concept formation and that may be the biggest difference between the copywriter and the content marketer. Copywriters, in the strictest sense, write the copy for product packaging and advertising--so they take the brand and run with it.

2. Content marketers, unlike copywriters, research, analyze and spot trends. They know the different buying habits and look to see what the competition is up to, so they can come up with new and unique story angles.

3. Content marketers look at the overall picture and understand the importance of things like search engine optimization (SEO), ranking, keyword density and meta tags. They often have knowledge of Wordpress and even some understanding of HTML and CSS.

4. They leverage. Content marketers don’t stop once something is published; but will use it in social media, newsletters or infographics. To be sure, every blog article will contain a couple of Tweets or posts.

5. Content marketers understand the importance of social media marketing. In fact, recent studies from Hubspot found that over 90 percent of marketers said it helped their business grow. Statista.Com found that 80 percent of editors and reporters look to Facebook or Twitter-- whether to promote, explore or source.

Do you hire the right writer to do the job?


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