A hotel restaurant manager called the GM screaming, "A pipe broke!  There's water all over."

The GM called a plumber who calmly surveyed the damaged pipe and then whacked it with a hammer. The water stopped immediately.

When the GM got a bill he was shocked!  "But all you did was whack a pipe with a hammer."  So the plumber rewrote the bill, including two entries:  1.  Cost to come down to look at the pipe that needing whacking  and 2.  Knowing where to whack.

Here's the point:  If the GM tried to do it himself, or kept shopping around for the lowest price, he probably would have had to shut the restaurant down and:


  • Lose business.

  • Spend additional money on repairs and/or replacements.

  • Damage the company's reputation--every  unpleasant experiences. According to The White House Office of Consumer Affairs, nine to 15 people share their story of an unsatisfactory experience--AND 13 PERCENT OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL SHARE IT WITH AT LEAST 20 MORE.

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