Great Copywriting=Marketing=Business Growth=Increased Sales

Copywriting is an important additional to your marketing toolbox.  Copywriting isn't just about writing the story, but it's about properly placing it, using SEO and maybe a little multi-media and other strategic marketing implementations.

It's about creating value!

Irene began as a copywriter, a newspaper reporter and magazine editor, then morphing into a public relations pro on both the agency and client sides, where marketing and integrative communications skills were acquired. I've also been in the trenches myself, as a realtor, health coach, business owner and entrepreneur--which means I'm all too familiar with the pain it can bring.

Being up-to-date on technology is a must in today's world. Companies brand and market themselves differently now, because The Internet has changed the way everyone does business.

To quote the folks at HARO (Help A Reporter Out):  "Those who don't fine tune their skills in content strategy, measurement, etc. are finding themselves lost in the dust. With the surge of social media use, brands are now becoming the media. With technology working as the driving force of consumer behavior, it takes more to keep audiences engaged, as expectations have increased with the evolution of 24-hour connectivity."

" I have had the pleasure of working with Irene Ross through social media on several accounts. Irene has been great to work with in every respect - she is knowledgeable , progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to new media, gives consistent, intelligent and timely feedback, and, above all, has been cooperative and friendly."...Jocelyn Steiber, Founder, JostWorld Media

Technology Has Changed The Copywriting Business


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